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Gun Cases

Gun & Rifle Shoulder Cases – For Responsible Gun Storage

To keep your firearm, ammunition and accessories well organised and safe we stock a range of quality gun cases and bags. Our extensive product range includes comprehensive assortments of functional soft shotgun slips to durable hard gun cases, along with rucksacks and rifle sleeves. We stock a variety of sizes to accommodate rates and guns of any size and you can choice from a selection of colours and patterns.

Soft Sided Cases

A soft-sided gun case is rather versatile and can have many uses. They are made from either nylon, neoprene or leather. A soft-sided gun case is lightweight and easy to manage compared to its hard sided counterpart.

Hard Sided Cases

Compared to soft sided cases, hard-sided cases offer the most protection for your firearm. They have a hard exterior that protects your gun from the outside and feature foam padding to help protect your gun from impacts as well as keeping them secure.


Hard cases are made from a range of materials which ultimately determine the strength and weight of the case.

Aluminum is the standard material used for making tough, durable cases. Aluminum can withstand a great deal of abuse whilst protecting the inside contents. Aluminum is also lightweight.

Wood is another product that is used to make many cases because of its classic look. However, its downfall is weight versus strength. To match the strength of an aluminum case, would mean that the case would be hugely impractical.

Composite materials such as fibre-reinforced compounds and plastic have much to offer in the ways of weight reduction and durability.

Waterproof Gun Cases

If you are planning on spending significant amounts of time out in the elements, then by all means you will want a waterproof gun case. A waterproof gun case ensures that water does not damage your firearm. The only downside to a waterproof case is that whilst it is great at keeping moisture out – it can also seal it in. To prevent a buildup of moisture inside your waterproof case you have to ensure you wipe every bit of moisture off your gun before placing it inside the case.

Brands We Carry

We stock a wide range of gun storage and gun cases from leading brands including 5.11 Tactical, Beretta, MTM, Spika and Vanguard along with many more.

Still need help? Speak to our experienced team about the right type of gun storage or that suit your personal needs.

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